About Bendigo Buy & Sell

Welcome to Bendigo Buy and Sell!

We all feel the frustration - We all have stuff lying around the house that we would love to sell.  And we all have things we'd love to be able to buy on the cheap.  But how to accomplish it?

Perhaps you want to sell that old kitchen table to make room for the fancy new one?  You can't list it on eBay, how would you ship it?  You could list it on Gumtree, but what are the chances of someone seeing it, who is local enough to be able to come and pick it up?  Your best bet is to post it on the local Buy & Sell facebook pages, but the problem there is - if an interested party doesn't come along in the first 30 minutes after you've posted it, it gets buried under 50 other posts, never to be seen by anyone.

Say you want to sell a few of your DVDs.  It costs $6 now to post a DVD, so you'll never sell it for more than $2 profit on eBay because the buyer is factoring shipping into the equation (not to mention the listing fees and final-value fees you'll have to pay as well).  Gumtree is a waste of time because, again, nobody close enough to arrange pick up is likely to see your ad and the shipping problem exists for everyone else.  Once again, you can post on facebook, but the same problem arises - facebook is not built for that kind of thing and a mountain of posts will always bury yours in minutes.

And what if you've just moved house and you want to pick up some second-hand furniture.
eBay - can't get it shipped, too expensive.  Gumtree - possible, but unlikely you'll find anything local.  Facebook - possible again, but you'll spend hours scrolling down and down and down, looking for anything relevant and if you see something, it was probably gotten rid of months ago.

Bendigo Buy and Sell (and Swap) was created as a true alternative classifieds resource, for Bendigo residents.

  • eBay and Australia Post fees get higher every year - Bendigo Buy and Sell has no listing fees.
  • Gumtree claims to be a "local" classifieds resource, but how often do you see something you'd like to buy, only to find it's in Melbourne, or Wagga Wagga, or Brisbane?  If you see a listing on Bendigo Buy and Sell, you know that it's located in Bendigo, within pickup distance.
  • Facebook groups offer free, local classifieds, but unfortunately it's built on a system not designed for it.  There's no categorization, no organization of ads whatsoever, its simply last-posted-comes-first.
Here at Bendigo Buy and Sell, all residents can post...
  • Items For Sale
  • Wanted to Buy
  • Local Businesses / Services
  • Local Events
  • Garage Sales
  • Community Notices

... all for FREE.  And there's no postage involved.  Everything here is available for pickup.  You can make a deal with a seller, drive over, pick up the item, hand over the cash and have that new couch in your lounge room within an hour.

Other features of the site include:

  • Accept offers on your items or set a firm price
  • Accept offers of trade on your items
  • Contact buyers / sellers by email or private message
  • Post public comments on items
  • Rate other users and services for public view
  • Increase your listing's visibility by upgrading to Premium status (at a cost of just $1)
  • See your listing automatically posted to the Bendigo Buy and Sell Facebook Page so that it will appear directly in the feed of other users.



We sincerely hope you find Bendigo Buy and Sell to be an extremely useful local marketplace.  We'll be striving to improve the site at all times and we'd love to hear your thoughts.  If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the site, please go to the Contact page or post a comment on the Facebook Page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

- The Administrators